25 Replies to “Learn Spanish 100 most common words in Spanish”

  1. *me gusta mucho este vídeo, yo he aprendido muchas palabras nuevas, y voy (
    verbo ir) comprendiendo el castellano. Muchas gracias. – Avanzas muy
    bien,(tú) hablas muy bien el castellano. Felicidades, saludos desde España

  2. should it be………voy a ir a comer al restaurante Nuevo? and not voy a
    ir a comer al Nuevo restaurante? please help

  3. Hi… My name is Hatem and I’m really interesting in espanol language and I
    want to learn so badly!! I even bought books for that! I speak English and
    Arabic cause I’m from Saudi Arabia!

    If there’s anyone would like to practice with me and we can learn from each
    other …who knows we may be friends!! 🙂

    Talk in WhatsApp. 00966569795539

  4. Quiet good and helpful, BUT, the order in which the words are placed is
    completely disturbing.. there is absolutely no need to have them in
    alphabetical order. I think it is much more helpful to start with the
    basics first.. “y, yo, tu, es, por, pero,….” How do you want to understand
    the sentences if you start with words you’ve never seen? I think you might
    want to switch the order of the cards and do to yourself and everyone a
    favour :)

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