Learn Spanish – Spanish Body Parts Vocabulary

Learn Spanish - Spanish Body Parts Vocabulary

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50 Replies to “Learn Spanish – Spanish Body Parts Vocabulary”

  1. I took some Spanish in high school. There was one activity we did where we
    had to write a word in Spanish on a slip of paper. I chose pie, and someone
    thought that it was referring to the English word pie. ´╗┐

  2. uhhh i know teeth is dientes, hair is pelo, el estomago is belly, labios is
    lips and i dont know breast or hips and ass is totoro if you mean it as an
    insult LOLOL but the body part itself i dont know.

  3. wow !! thanks this helps so much and it’s easyer then studying notes
    because it made me say the answer quick , i hope i do good on my quiz !!
    wish me luck ­čÖé i’ve wacthed the video like 20 times so i hope i do good

  4. @XEMmaXX2 in spanish there are some words that are masculine but it’s with
    LA, haha, or changes like this: EL arte (the art) and LAS artes (the arts)

  5. Breast= Pecho (Female) or Seno, Belly = barriga, Hips= caderas, ASS =
    trasero, culo, Lips = labios, Teeth= dientes, Hair=cabello…

  6. @lolyyoctabio Por si no lo sabes, espa├▒ol es mucho mas dificil que ingles
    querido. Un ejemplo es que a una cosa le dices de muuuuuuuuchas formas
    ejemplo: carro: automovil, coche, vehiclo, etc. En ingles ant y aunt se
    pronuncian igual solo se escriben diferente osea en ingles una palabra
    podria significar muchas cosas. En espa├▒ol hay mucha metafora, si eres
    mexicano escucharas frases como “al pato lo hecharon al bote” (a un hombre
    a quien le apodan el pato esta en la carcel) a lo que en ingles no

  7. La Mano is feminine because of its Greek origin. The same goes for El
    Mapa…these are just exceptions to the -o = masc. and the -a =fem.

  8. @Rocket11213 breast: mama o pecho, belly: vientre, hips: cadera, ass:
    trasero, lips: labios, teeth: dientes, hair: cabello

  9. @acidkimmycandy A eso si el espa├▒ol tienes sus cosas imaginate solo con que
    la tilde el acento y todo eso, pero jajajaj se ve chistoso como los que no
    hablan espa├▒ol tiene que aprender el espa├▒ol, bueno yo soy de ecuador y si
    cada pais tiene su dialecto, pero lo bueno es que nos entendemos con este

  10. I can help you with no trouble at all too and I don’t expect to get
    anything in exchange. I’m also Mexican, born and raised. ­čÖé

  11. This video is really good because it could work, but there’s a little
    This is the Spanish spoken in America. People who live in Spain (Europe)
    don’t pronounce on that way, I’m Spanish and I can say that the video is
    very good, but he is speaking in an American accent. Anybody who learns
    this Spanish and travels to Spain will discover the differences. They are a

  12. Spanish is such a cool language i also like others but spanish sounds so
    like… COOL ­čÖé thnx man u make life easier

  13. Soy español, excelente. La verdad es que las reglas están muy bien
    explicadas, fáciles y resumidas. Enhorabuena.

  14. Can somebody please help me? Is it possible to learn Spanish at home, by my
    own? I’m 14, my native language is Latvian, but I also speak English,
    German and understand Russian a bit. Would that make it easier? Could I be
    able to learn Spanish as well?

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