Spanish Vocabulary- Winter / Invierno

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Learn Spanish vocabulary for winter. Winter clothing. La ropa de invierno.
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Learn the colors in Spanish, basic vocabulary, Spanish language

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. author

    Claudia Blanco5 years ago

    #Winter clothes in #Spanish for #children

  2. author

    Tio Spanish - learn spanish videos5 years ago

    Learn the colors in Spanish: red, green, yellow…!

  3. author

    ngoc linh Lê5 years ago

    so fast

  4. author

    flexoduss5 years ago

    haha thanks a lot for making this

  5. author

    FORZA GAMES5 years ago

    porque franco enseña los colores xDDD?

  6. author

    Isabel Sestito5 years ago

    love these they’re hilarious! my kids will love them! May I please use the
    video for my education class powerpoint? and how can I save it to share?

  7. author

    Alexandra Miranda5 years ago

    Ay, make more, these are so cute and helpful


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